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The psychological act of understanding the world is a skill that requires a great deal of practice. Most mentalists start their practice at very young ages. Many find it difficult and in some cases even painful to do so. When they become old enough to understand a little, they begin to practice the skill with more intensity. Many learn for the very first time the concept of “mental imagery.”

What type of mentalist do I need to start with?

Most people in the world use an “A” or “B+” approach to therapy. They have a very general understanding of a few basic concepts. While “B” therapists use a very loose definition, “A” therapists often use an approach that is very detailed and exact. Usually it is a combination of what you call “active imagination” (or the act of imagining things) and what you call “attentive observation”. The main problem is when “A” therapists attempt to be too strict in how they train their clients, and fail to allow them the creative freedom to take the most accurate and descriptive mental imagery they can create. “A” therapists are not the best at teaching “mental imagery” to their clients. They also lack the basic concept knowledge of what is truly happening to the client.

What are mental images and how does they work?

A mental image is a brief physical sensation that is very vividly and uniquely yours. A mental image is a feeling, experience or memory that is “your own” and different from any other experience on your body. The experience you are having is very unusual, and you are in a particular physical form, location or state. This state is what makes your mental image so vivid, distinct, and distinctively your own.

Does my mental image have to be specific? No. Just as your physical sensation is specific, it can be the same mental image over and over again if that is how you like to see yourself. A mental image is a powerful tool. For example, you can look into your mind and see images of yourself, your loved ones, or your life as a whole. You don’t have to be exactly the same person, it is a mind-state that is unique to you and can be changed easily and quickly.

How is thinking about mental imagery different from reading my mind?

Think about the following situation.

You are sitting at your desk in an office and you notice that you see the ceiling light go out. The light is flickering and

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