How do you read minds?

Ask people. How do you test other people without thinking you know what they’re thinking? Use your thoughts and their comments. What happens to you is going to happen to you. You must be the judge of that and that’s where most of the work is done. So, be the judge of other people, and that’s why we do it.”

The next day, the “S” team went to lunch at the Hotel Noces, and the first “L” team had a nice discussion—about music, music, and more music.

The following morning, the “S” team flew to Seattle, where they spent Sunday night at the Sheraton Ballroom, where a DJ played the best of their own music. One of the artists who had been scheduled to appear on stage at that hour, but had not was DJ/producer Ravi, best known for his work as part of DJ Screw’s group called Datsik.

Datsik would soon announce that he was leaving the scene, and Ravi announced that he, too, was leaving the scene. He was replaced by a newcomer named Joey Sadakichi, of the Tokyo trio Zefa. A few days later, he was replaced by an older, still-developing talent like the one they were about to discover onstage a couple of miles away: Jussi Meehan.

A year later, we met for a Skype interview. He’d just joined the world of electronic dance music in Japan, and we sat and talked and talked, as one might at a party. He sounded like a guy who was just getting comfortable with the new noise—an experienced DJ who could bring it down to earth, making people feel comfortable and welcoming.

We talked about him briefly and then we talked a little more, and then he was gone. The show was just beginning on Sunday night, and people streamed into Nosh. A bit more about him there, if you’re curious.


TIM JENKIRA: I came over with the “S” and “L” teams. I was in Japan for a week. I had a couple of people try it out on me, and so I was able to learn a little bit about the system. Then the rest of the world started seeing just how cool it was, and it’s just gotten more and more and more. But it was weird because you have this amazing music scene that you’re very proud of.