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What do the scientists know? And why don’t they tell us what they know? Well, I’m doing just that, and I’m talking to you right now. You’ve reached the last chapter of The Book of Shadows, the last chapter where you’ve been told what is, without exception, the best book about reading minds yet wrote. And I promise you, I won’t tell you a whole lot that’s not already in the book somewhere, so that there is one last chapter that’s not in the book. And I’ll tell you a few things that you might need to keep in mind when you’re reading it. Let’s begin with some pretty basic principles about reading people’s minds. A little bit of history on how mental processes work: “What was known as the “mental apparatus” for studying human thought, or the “mind brain” to the psychologists, is not a mental apparatus at all. It is a physical body, a pair of neural wires, a bundle of brain cells and a bunch of nerves. These connections may be so intimately intertwined with one another that they are called the “neuron” or the “neuronal system”… the brain is more like the “body” than a set of neurons is like a bundle of nerves. The brain is a network of neurons. The human brain is not a brain. It is a complex network of thousands of synapses and trillions of connections. A mind is a collection of neural circuits. In the study of mind, the brain is not regarded as a separate entity, but rather as an object that is processed by many such neural networks interacting. It must be understood in this way because the neural networks that we use to process information, our brains, interact with one another, through a multitude of interactions, with every one of the human body’s myriad other parts. A mind, or “the mind”, is not an object that is processed by any number of human “neurological” or “biological” processes that are not already a part of what is presently called “brain”, or “mind”. It is rather the cognitive content that it contains, its individual components, that is its unique property. Therefore it must be made distinct from “soul”. A mind can exist in a body without a soul. A mind can be “out of body”. Or it could be in a body and still be “in” a different mind-independent world. It is, therefore, not a “spirit”. A mind can be “the product of non-
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