How do you make your arm float? – Magic Tricks Easy To Learn Paper

With a little help from a little bit of magic.

So lets take a look at how to make your arm float properly.

Take a piece of tape. It doesn’t matter what kind. I just use a thick and long piece of tape. You can use whatever else is on hand.

Then, lay it on your arm. Do the opposite side and make the tape into a little “wings” over the arm. If you’re doing this on your right arm, then the tape goes around the right shoulder. If it’s on the left, then the tape goes around the left shoulder.

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Next, lay a piece of tape on the top of your forearm. It doesn’t matter where you put the tape or how thin or thick it is. The trick with tape is that it will float. The tape is very elastic. This is the time to really practice to get good at it. I find that a little elasticity really helps and is essential to the floats you’ll get with these magic arm floats. You’re going to get better and better at it really quickly.

As soon as the tape starts to get sticky. Place the tape on top of the arm and float it.

After about 30 seconds your arm is floating, no problem. As you start to float the tape will “float” out of the way. The tape will “drift” back and forth until you need to take it off the arm, but it’s important that it stays put. At first, I would float my arm for a minute or two and then take it off. It’s great because you learn to let go of it in order to float as you fly.

At this point if you’ve done this right, you will have three floating tape ends floating over your arm. You want to use the first tape end to give you some extra support by placing a little more weight behind it. If this helps, then do the following:

Take your hand and grip it above the surface. This is where all of the magic will occur. Now lift your hand up in the air. Now that your hand is floating, you simply lift your arm up to a level position.

Repeat this process until you have three floating tape ends on your arm. Now take your opposite arm and lay the tape on top of your arm. Now try floating the tape from different sides of the arm. Now, the last step is to lift the end up to a level position (so

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