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As mentioned in the post How to Float Your Arm, I also need to mention how important muscle spiking is. I have found that when I do my arm spiking in the middle of a workout, it will help my arm speed up and increase my strength so that I can hit on multiple movements in the upper body while still hitting my lower body.

Here’s an example of a high arm pump to emphasize muscle spiking.

Take a deep breath and inhale the air with your right hand and take a deep breath exhale the air with your left hand. Hold it for a moment and feel yourself rising higher.

Inhale as you are rising and hold it for another while feeling yourself lowering back down.

Remember, you need to keep the muscles in your upper body moving because otherwise, you will overtrain your muscles.

In addition to arm spiking my athletes frequently have to lift weights for upper body strength work. For example, a heavy Olympic weight room movement such as the floor press will produce overuse injuries if performed on an injured arm.

So a great way to make your arm work for you is to go heavy. However, make sure there’s some form of assistance exercise that you can do to help you lift more weight if necessary.

When I get to a workout, I find I can do a workout consisting of at least 3 sets of 6 to 8 reps with a little over an hour of cardio in between set and rep sessions. I’m never in need of strength training as I’ll have enough strength to do more movements in more exercises. This is often how I have my best sessions. I start with the barbell overhead press and switch to a barbell pullover.

For my workouts, I usually start and finish with a lot of walking, jogging or cycling as I get to know my muscles a little bit by using them as a tool on the platform.

There are a handful of other great exercise programs that will allow you to develop your core muscles and help you focus on different exercises on your exercise list. The following list is just a start and is a good starting point.

If you have a favorite strength program or are looking to start incorporating them into your training, please leave a comment and I will try to find something for you to try!

In addition to the above exercise programs, another very important aspect of bodyweight strength training is to take time to stretch and stretch and stretch.


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