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You tell a man how to make one penny a year and he makes you a million.”

I don’t remember how long it took me to write this, but it’s so worth it.

Feminist activist Germaine Greer on the subject of rape, when she was asked the subject after her speech at the University of Northampton on Friday, has sparked a raging debate.

Speaking at the event, Greer said that any man who raped her should be treated the same as an “unwanted pregnancy”.

In response, the university’s vice-chancellor, Professor Sir Tony Barber, said that it was a different matter when it came to “rape cases in the college setting… in a setting where women have a sense of consent, and are not under the direct domination of any male”.

“I’d just add that it is entirely unacceptable for students, or anyone responsible for any public service, to attempt to define what constitutes rape or sexual violence as it is happening in this case. It’s a different matter where there’s the power differential between the two parties in relation of the fact that a lot of people have been in a position to know about all this prior,” he said, suggesting that women would not consider sexual threats “a big deal”.

Germaine Greer. Image: © Twitter

Germaine said: “It is very disturbing as if you had a female colleague who has been gang raped and you’re quite shocked that she wants you in a sexual relationship with her, why you shouldn’t, I don’t know, have a sexual relationship with one who has done wrong to her and wants you to do right and has had you raped? And that’s what I would say is a difference in standards.”

“If she had made an unwanted pregnancy and it’s being foisted on you, you have to say ‘OK, that’s exactly what you should do’ because of the risk to the welfare of the babies,” Greer added.

“For men, when you rape a woman, it doesn’t matter whether she consents or not, whether she’s pregnant, she’s in a position of power, whether she’s not in control of her body and she should just leave it because… we should leave women alone.”

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She went on to say that women were “sexually abused even when they said no”.

Speaking to the media after her speech, she claimed that rape and sexual assault was the most prevalent form of victim

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