How do you levitate with pencils?

You just grab the pencil and hold it against something like a wall and then you just keep levitating.”

“Is that something you can do with your legs?”

“Yeah. With my legs.”

Kirby was just watching us. “I’m afraid I’m not going to have much time, but how about starting your lesson.”

I thought for a moment and then I smiled. “Oh, yeah, I’ll have some pencils ready. Can I call you by your name? It’d make it easier to find you.”

“It would be a pleasure to call you Yoshi”

Kirby was grinning. He was already walking away from me, almost in the direction of the classroom. He took the pen and pencil out of the bag and he started to scribble something on the page. I waited for him to finish and then I was going to call my name and I was going to say my lesson title and I was going to say where I was.

After a few minutes, there was a sudden silence and then my voice answered him. “My name is Kageyama, Yoshi-san, and this is my teacher.”

“Good, you’re here to teach.”

“Yes, but wait, Yoshi-san, before I call you Yoshi’s teacher.”


“It’s something you say when you have a special power; in this case it’s levitation from pencils.”

“Really? I know I have it. I’ve been practicing everyday to get it but I can’t seem to do anything with it. Could it be that it’s hard to use it? Did some teachers show you some magic tricks?”

“No, not really. I’m just like every other student here, I’m just trying to get my body to fly up.” Magic News, Magic Videos and Podcasts » Blog Archive ...
“Oh, Yoshi-san, you’ve made a lot of friends in this class already. Just think about how many different kinds of dreams you know about. You’re already a star in your own world, let alone in ours.”

“What if it’s not so different?”

“It’s not. It just doesn’t change anything.”

“So I get to do it? I got to start doing it right? I could start flying up and over people’s heads and everyone would be surprised? That’s so cool!”


At that moment, my legs