How do you levitate with pencils?

I’m not very good with pencils.” “Oh, I’m not going to bother, I like things just the way they are”

“Oh, a book?”

“What? A book.”

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“No, you’re the one who’s writing this review.”

“Um … I mean a book that was actually written in pencil…”

So she has a book that’s actually handwritten inside out. And what’s the deal with that? How do you do it?

It’s pretty much just one of those things where you go on the internet and you type in a word and a number, and it goes straight to YouTube and there you are, doing the same thing again and again. If you keep doing it, you can find yourself wondering, if the words on the page are the same as how you write them… and that’s probably the reason you do it. But I am trying to give you the tools you need to know what to look for before you start.

What are some of the common factors that give people the inklings for doing this?

Most importantly, you’re writing in what might be your favorite subject — if it’s not your favorite subject, you’ll get discouraged faster. So first of all, keep in mind that when you’re writing, you’re actually writing the words from the perspective of yourself: the viewpoint you would use if you were sitting at your desk, not that you’d be talking to readers. So try to write from that perspective.

I would say the biggest things in terms of your own self were the words in the margins. You’re in this world and you’re writing this article and it goes to people who might not be able to see it or who might not even know you; it’s just about what you actually wrote, and I think that’s the best place to start to see how you’re doing.

You’ve mentioned being afraid of losing your control to being a “bad writer”. I think sometimes in a book, the writer, the one writing it gets the blame, not the reader. As opposed to, “Oh, it was my writing. The author did it wrong.” You just wrote this novel in which this person is going to save the world by punching things. Isn’t that a better person to have saved the world by punching things than… you know…

You’re right, that would be the ideal one to have helped save the world by punching things, but I don