How do you do the rubber pencil trick? – 10 Magic Tricks That Failed

This trick is a good one for students working with a rubber pencil. It has been around for as long as I can remember.

In a typical classroom, each student writes the symbol for a letter, then looks up the word in a dictionary for the definition. In my case, I have written the word “candy” in my dictionary, so I would start with “candy” and I would say, “Candy is a sweet candy.” Then I would repeat the rest of the lesson. This has a lot of good qualities.

One nice feature of this method is that a teacher cannot tell the students to write their answer in the margin. She can see their paper before she writes their answer and it’s possible that her students will write in the margin.

However, a student might not be happy.

It could be that they’ve been doing this for hours. This means that it gets easier as she teaches.

If I wanted my students to do this with a rubber pencil, for a short period of time, I would have to have them use a different kind of pencil.

What are some ways to make the rubber pencil look like a regular pencil?

This trick can be used with different pencils. There are four basic options. Some of them don’t make much difference in this lesson.

First, use two different kinds of rubber pencils.

This option seems to work well. I have always liked this method.

This pencil is the type that is marketed as a “rubber pencil for children with the widest choice of brands and colours”.

This pencil has a small “tongue” at one end that you can write in with. Then you use the other end of the pencil which is very fine.

If you use two different kinds of pencils here, the rubber pencil will be less uniform in its markings. Therefore the lesson will be less consistent.

Sometimes the rubber pencil will have the marking on more than one end.

Another way to make it look uniform is to use two different nibs.

However, a different kind of pencil might be more comfortable if you use the same pencil with two different types of nib. In my opinion that’s why some students use two different kinds of pencils in this trick. They can be equally comfortable using two different kinds of pencils. A third option is to use a pencil which has rubber pencil markings on one end of it.

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