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If you have to count your fingers or feel them, you are not performing the quarter trick. The quarter trick is a quick and natural way to count the five and five in your head, and is an easy and fun way to perform it. So let’s take a look at the quarter trick. Read below to learn how to perform a quarter hand.

When To Perform The Quarter Trick

I have spoken with many different people about how the quarter trick is performed. The main thing that many people tell me is that while most people have a natural sense for keeping track of five and five, a quarter hand, where you keep two hands on your shoulders while counting, is very difficult to do. Some tell me that in order to perform a quarter hand you must also hold a quarter in your hand, although that can actually cause the palm to get in the way too. A lot of people also tell me that there are some people who can actually count four but will not perform a quarter hand, probably because even though they have a natural sense for counting, they can’t do quarter hands, which is a completely different situation altogether.

Regardless of what the reason is, many people do not know how to perform the quarter hand. Below is a video to help explain how to do it. You can also watch the instructional video with videos from the official quarter hand instruction on YouTube in which I talk about how to perform the quarter hand. If you have any trouble with the quarter hand please reach out to me first and I will do my best to help you.
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How To Perform The Quarter Trick

The quarter hand is one of the most popular and enjoyable pieces of juggling to perform, and the way you perform it is not only fun, but also very easy. This video tells you how to perform the quarter hand by showing you three moves. I have spoken with many different people about how to perform a quarter hand and the one thing everyone has in common is that their quarter hand is difficult. Here are the three hand variations:

1) Counting with the Hands On Your shoulders

The most successful quarter hand in which you can still perform is the counting with the hands on your shoulders. By doing this the palms of your hands stay on your shoulders. This works well since the palm of your hand is on the other shoulder of the target, which is very much visible or visible, depending on your own perspective. The fact that it seems to be very visible makes the hand count much easier, and I recommend doing

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