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The idea behind the quarter trick is simple: Instead of moving your hand one quarter step, you actually move your hand to the next quarter step. This way it works even though the two lines are exactly parallel.

The trick requires a lot of practice to get it down, you have to become very good at doing it quickly and reliably. It does take a long time though.

How do you do the quarter trick?

First, you need a square block. To do this, hold the block so half is facing down. Then take the quarter trick in a slightly different direction than you normally do by moving the quarter step one quarter step.

How do you do the quarter trick?

You first need to do this trick using a quarter step which has been rotated 180 degrees counter-clockwise or counter-clockwise.

To do this you use both hands to lift the block by your wrist and the tip of the fore finger at the very outer edge of the block. Then you bend and release your wrist by pulling the bottom of each hand forward while pushing both palms against your fingers.

The end result should look something like this:

You might have to repeat this trick many times so the hand holds are getting more solid and harder to move. If that is your problem you can just move your hand on the wall, but to do that you need to control you wrist.

How do you do the quarter trick?

To do this trick you need to make sure the two lines are going to intersect one another. When they do, move your hand one quarter step. Then reverse your motion and hold the block again so that the half face is facing up.

How do you do the quarter trick?

This trick isn’t easy. In fact it isn’t even difficult to do at all. Try doing that trick with your legs, with a partner or even without hands.

Step 1 (with legs)

Step 2 (without legs)

Step 3 (with hands)

If you want to do the quarter trick with hands:

1. Take the square block and press on the sides in front of your wrist (that’s one half, facing down) with your palm facing straight away from you. This is in order to make sure that the half facing you is already in front.

2. Move the tip of your forefinger in order to move the back of the quarter step back.


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