How do you do easy magic tricks?

If you’ve ever seen a magician perform his magic tricks, you know that there are very little things on top of the surface of an empty object that makes the illusion easier to perform. Most of them have to do with the geometry of the object, how the objects are connected, and how those connections are created and removed.

But why did I find the most convincing illusion to be when I moved it back into my hand? It involved a large number of very tiny moves which only created more tension between the two objects. Even with no connection to the original object there was a significant amount of force being transferred out of the object to the finger. It was this that helped make the illusions more convincing and in a very short amount of time.

Some of the magic tricks that we all know are also surprisingly simple if you’re just looking at a video. I will show you a few examples. There are lots of things that are really effective just by manipulating the smallest details.

In this trick, I moved the ring slowly across the palm. The only thing that makes it possible to do this trick is using the ring as an anchor, but even simple things like moving the ring around could help.

The other great trick is to just move the ring slightly in the air and suddenly that small change creates a very huge change in the illusion. In this case, the force is transmitted upwards towards the hand by the ring.

This one is a little bit more complicated if you want to play with the physics of it, but I can show you where it happens. This one is a little bit trickier because my arm is being used as an anchor that will move the whole anchor. This part of the illusion takes up about three seconds in total, but the effect is similar because it relies on moving the ring around the hand.

And then, lastly this trick is a little bit trickier. You look towards the edge of the ring and at the top, you can see that the force that’s transmitted out is not constant, but changes all the time according to where the eye is pointing.

I want to be clear that this is not a magic trick. This is a trick where the brain is used as an anchor. But the same thing happens to the illusion, the brain is used as an anchor. We put a large number of things into the brain that are useful in certain ways, like this one.

In this trick, everything I touch is moved through space at a certain speed