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– Answer – Don’t do anything, do that – you need to think of something – so now think of something you want to do. I’ll give you two choices: 1st option: You can do it 3rd option: You can’t think of anything to do. Good job! I’ll go talk to my parents. I saw their son on TV today. Who is he? Oh! He looks like you, right? He’s the one with the magic hair! – [Sigh] – Well, you’ve made it. Good work. – But now what? – Don’t be silly. You’re a girl. You can’t do magic! [Sigh] – You can’t do magic? – [Sigh] – I’m not saying that you can’t, I’m saying that you can’t do magic. I’m pretty sure you can’t. – It’s a girl’s magic? – I know, right? So what do you do? – Hmm…? – Can you do this thing I’m telling you about? I’m getting so tired of this. Go back to sleep! – Okay, good one (sleep sound) [door opens] – “What am I? It’s a simple thing. Just a girl who likes to read.” – Okay, so I want you to look at this book. [Giggles] – That’s funny – I’m surprised – because I thought she would be like, “Oh, that is a pretty good book. No, it’s not. It’s not.” – So, it’s a book of fairy-tales? – It’s got stories, of how to change reality and stuff like that. – And how does it not make sense, or it’s not real? – You think so? [Sounds of kissing] – How is that? – Good… [giggles] [door closes] – [Sudden, intense yawn] [Laughing] – I think I just… I think I just… I’ve had enough of this! – [Laughing] You’re a lucky girl, you know that? [Pause] – I’m a lucky girl. – Well, okay… [Pause] – That’s it – I told you, I’m sick and tired of this! – Get in the bed. – Good girl… – [Sudden kiss] – [Breathing heavily] [Deep breath] Sorry~ – [giggles] [Deep kiss] – [Panting
Zack King: Vine's Six-Second Video Magic Man

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