How do you bend a penny? – Youtube Magic Tricks Explained Youtube Video

It’s actually not an easy task. The surface of the penny can get very thin and warped, so you need to get creative when bending it. But as you know, just because something seems difficult doesn’t mean that it is. And once you learn how to bend it, don’t be afraid to start looking at other things. The more things you look at that are easier to bend, the easier it will become.

So just keep looking. And keep learning!

To find out how to bend coins simply click the button below.

Battling to protect the country against the encroaching Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) extremists, Israeli military officers are flying the Islamic flag over one of the IDF’s main bases, the Kfar Saba Military Air Base near Tel Aviv.

According to a report in Israel’s Channel 10, this is the first time since the Second Lebanon War that the flag has been flown over the base. It comes at a time when the ISIS militants have carried out attacks that have rocked Tel Aviv. The Tel Aviv-based daily Haaretz reported that on June 25 ISIS terrorists killed four soldiers near the Kirya neighborhood in Tel Aviv. An ISIS operative claiming responsibility for the attack later told a reporter, “the reason why he sent the soldiers there is to murder the Jews,” according to Haaretz.

“During the Second Lebanon War, it was Israel’s flag flown from one of its main bases, and now they’re flying the flag of ISIS,” David Sheen, the former head of the IDF’s Counterterrorism Unit told Channel 10, the Times of Israel reported.

The flag is flown by the base’s commander, Major General Avi Razi.

The Tel Aviv-based IDF source told Haaretz that the decision to fly the flag has been made “out of concern for the soldiers.” The IDF’s general officer commanding the base told the paper that the soldiers in question are soldiers from different units, “all of whom are Israeli citizens. No one is from any other country.”

The article also says that IDF troops are now “taking the precautions to minimize civilian casualties,” though the IDF did not respond to a request for additional details.

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