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People who spend longer than three months at least once or twice a month are likely to be mentally active, or to be in conversation with other people. You’re not alone if you want to do a lot of things that don’t have much to do with work — going out to eat, going in the bathtub, listening to music on your iPod, playing with friends, reading. You’ll hear people talking about “doing more.”

Mentalists, by contrast, have more to do. Most importantly, they have been shown to have a significant impact on their physical and social performance. Studies have examined what happens to someone who spends more time practicing — and not practicing — mentalism compared to someone without practice (the mentalists’ average amount of time to practice was about three times this of the non-mentalists).

Mentalists do not make decisions with emotion. They don’t make decisions based on how others would want to be seen or have been seen. In a study, people with positive emotions (believing they have helped someone out) thought about how other people want to be seen and how they would respond. People with less positive emotions didn’t think about any of these other ways of being. On the other hand, people with greater positive emotions said they would respond favorably to help others. If you are an individual who feels you have been misapplied or misused, you are more likely to be a practicing mentalist — and more likely to be a skilled one overall.

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And you’ll feel like you’re doing something when you’re practicing mentalism — you’ll notice how your thoughts don’t get locked into a fixed perspective, you’ll notice your awareness of things, you’ll notice more thoughts and conversations.

Mentalists are not just more likely to take a deep dive into something. They are more likely to understand the connections between things, and thus to be able to “interprete,” or understand, a question or a phenomenon in a way that is not entirely abstract.

Mentally active people can learn to be more efficient at thinking. And you can make mentalists feel engaged all the more by learning to do mentalism. This article explains.

To explore the topic further or learn more about using mentalism to improve life, start with these 5 Tips. It is by nature highly technical, but it helps to have some basic familiarity with the subject.

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