How do mentalists work? – Easy Magic Tricks Videos

Each mentalist is a unique individual with their own unique set of personality traits. Each has their own style. Many of them tend to be social and extroverted, while some are more introverted and introvert-extroverted. One can’t help but notice their distinct traits. Mentalists work to make their dreams come true, either through physical acts or their minds.

There are four main types of mentalists; Idealist, Rationalist, Idealist-Empathetic and Rationalist-Empathetic. Each can take to various activities as they see fit. Each type can be trained to a particular level, and there is a minimum skill level required to progress in their specialty. Each type has an average skill level and a maximum level possible.

Each mentalist has at least one skill point in a selected one of the main skills, for a total of two. The average skill level for a mentalist skill is 20. At a few mentalist skill levels the mentalists develop specializations. The total skill level for every mentalist skill is equal to their maximum level plus a minimum skill level and a maximum skill level.

Psychic Powers

A mentalist has a powerful connection with their dreams. This may come in many forms, such as dreams that bring about important events. In one example it came that a mentalist could see a small black bird through the window. They could find a spot and touch the bird. Afterwards it would fly away. In another case, a mentalist could see a person carrying a black bag in the middle of the street. She was able to open it. When she opened it, she found a gold coin inside it. The mentalist could then find and touch it.

It is this ability to contact dreams that may allow a mentalist to manipulate time. A mentalist is able to modify the timeline where a dream takes place. They would alter events on the timeline in order to ensure the dream can be fulfilled. Often a mentalist can simply choose the right days for their dream to take place.

Other Powers

A mentalist uses the powers of a dream to fulfill a dream that they have. The dream may come about through physical acts, or their mind can take over and create a dream from their dreams.

It is through these different powers the mentalist can be said to have a special focus. Each psychic power has a specific focus that can be selected for training.

Some psychic powers can even be

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