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Magic tricks usually involve something happening that we think is unlikely – like a large bird being caught in the hand of a magician. There are several methods and forms to perform magic tricks but I’ll stick with some of the simplest, but the most effective. I’ll show you how to show people that magic isn’t real and, in doing so, they will believe magic to be possible too.

One of the most famous type of magic tricks is conjuring – where you take an object, put a human shape or face onto it and a magic item appears. The trick is performed and then you have to leave. There is no way to keep doing the magic so you eventually give up, but it gives you a glimpse of how a magician’s mind works. Here are the important points which are all the same:

* A magic item can only exist in the mind.

* The mind needs someone to hold it in its hands because otherwise you can’t do any magic.

* You need someone to look into the object and see how it feels.

* When you see a magic thing, you have to feel your hands on them, just as you would feel if you held something by your side.

How can magic work?

It’s very simple. Imagine two objects. The first is in your visual field, so there are two lines that you can see. They are parallel at the top and bottom. But when you look through the eyes of a conjurer, they are not two lines, they are two faces. The conjurer takes this into account and draws a triangle. You look at it using your right and left eyes. The two eyes form the word “sigil”, or some sort of magic item which can then be seen only when they come together.

Now the second thing to do is to put the object onto a table while you look into the conjurer’s eyes, again by using the right and left eyes. You can do this by using the conjurer’s body but you also use a trick like this: The conjurer’s left hand comes into contact with both the object and the table and then lifts it. It would seem as if nothing were in the hand. But as it lifts it the object is pulled out of the palm of your left hand and the face turns round. That’s the conjuring trick, and it works because it relies on the brain being able to tell the difference between what is in the conjuring objects hand and what the

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