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The brain can create illusions so it’s easier to do something if we think it’s happening but it’s hard to actually show the illusion when viewing it.

How can illusions be used by me?

When doing the illusion in real life, it will cause people to feel the illusion as real. This is what people call “confirmation bias”.

There are lots of interesting illusions out there using brain imaging. Here are 4 of the most popular:

3. The Eye Movement Paradox

This brain fMRI image shows a woman showing a mirror with her right eye and her left eye.

The fMRI showed that both eyes are looking in the wrong place. In other words, the right and left eyes are looking in opposite directions.

What this means is that when you look straight towards the mirror, the right eye will be moving faster than the left eye so you will see “the right eye is faster than the left eye”.

How do we explain this?

The fMRI showed that the way your brain is wired is such that your right eye moves faster then your left eye. That means the mirror is moving too. The faster the brain moves the faster your brain will see things!

4. The Lying Mirror Illusion

This image above is about a woman lying down. In this image, the left eye is on the bottom and the right eye is on the top. Her face is lying flat on her own right side against the mirror.

I looked down, and I looked up. What did I see?

The lie is that you look at the left eye and think you are looking at yourself; not the right eye. As soon as you look to the right, the left eye will move faster than the right eye, so you will think you are looking at yourself.

However, you never actually look to either eye and only use the left one!

Why do these things work?

Our brains create these false perceptions in the brain so that we feel safe. But when it comes to reality we are really in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Can you see this happening in your everyday life?

Take a look at these four examples and tell me what you think about it in comments below.

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