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Well, in the real world, when we see one piece of content on our screen or on the internet, our brain is fooled into thinking that the content “actually exists” or that it “truly” happens. There is a very real difference between the two, and the illusion can be broken through a series of logical rules. For example, if you were to play a game in which you were given money and asked to choose between two pictures of your girlfriend and your wife, one picture could actually be real. That’s the world we’re dealing with, and it’s where we’re going in this lesson. Let’s discuss the basic elements of “imagining reality”. You know what a picture means – like the “picture of the car in front of you”. The picture says, “that is a car, in front of me, right here”. It’s very specific – it doesn’t lie in between. So when you see your girlfriend in a certain set of pictures, you can only think that the pictures are real. But when you see her in a different set, the picture you see here doesn’t actually exist. You’ve only thought that it does. You haven’t really seen the woman anywhere. You’ve only imagined seeing her. So that’s the illusion of reality. Now of course, we have all seen people in all kinds of situations where they can’t be perceived to have any kind of flesh or blood body – where they seem to just exist through the magic of fantasy. They just exist. When that occurs to you you can become mesmerised by them. That’s the illusion of fantasy. The mind of a person who has that kind of fantasy – where “it’s not real” – would be able to generate any kind of reality out of thin air. They could create anything they wanted as long as they had a blank canvas to paint on. For example, if something like that were to happen, you could create a reality where there are no men, or no cows, or no babies at all. Because there are no real things to be “real” about in our own world, that’s where the illusion begins. Just as your mind can create a dream world “out of thin air”, it can create an illusion, or “illusion” if you will. So if a person has an illusion of reality based on fantasy, the reality of it will have been “imagined” and won’t be that of our own world, at least not in the first place. Of course, you can have your

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