How do I levitate?

“If we are a hundred yards off the ground, we can’t use our levitation powers. Also, only at certain times will we be able to fly, such as when we try to find a specific spot. It’s better to find an area you can float in, and then practice by walking over it.”

“I see…” I heard his words but couldn’t reply because I was looking towards him…

I can now hear his voice as he says:

“Since we are unable to use our magic during the day, we should all work on our skills during the night! We should be able to reach a new level of combat skill. In this way, your job at the dungeon should be progressing smoothly!”

I nodded as I heard him say that. I didn’t know what he had been going through but I’m really grateful that he was able to bring me along.

He was the same in battle, we never had a chance to face each other properly.

And he’s also the one to come out at the very end…I’m so thankful…

The two guild members quickly returned to their positions and soon after returned to the guild. We were already in the main hall so as soon as we left the entrance was lined with everyone.

I hurriedly asked everyone. I’m actually very thankful to him.

“…I’ll meet you tomorrow. But until we meet again, please continue to fight together from now on.”

Even though we were just walking, we weren’t at the end. We should be able to meet up. But we won’t meet when the night comes because he’s always planning a comeback.


“I’m really grateful the way he treated me this time!” The girl who was in charge of the party gave an apologetic smile on her face and said:

“Oh, I was worried that you might get hurt when we fought against the Black-Wind Dragon. I didn’t think it would happen but…my guess is…well, the way his powers work is strange. For a normal person, you don’t have problems like he did.”

The girl that was in charge of the party looked at the dungeon master as she took out her bag, she started to pick out equipment.

“It seems your party is getting stronger, I’m happy! If the guild succeeds, it