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Blaine was given a series of tests prior to his death, which proved the levitation of his legs when his legs were on display and were on his lap, even though he wasn’t conscious at all.

The tests were performed at the Boston Children’s Hospital in Boston and demonstrated the effects of various levitation devices while Blaine was under medical supervision.

He was given an electric shock which could take 30 minutes to complete. Blaine’s legs were then levitated over six feet as measured by his father Charles Levy, and were then placed on his son’s shoulder.

When Blaine was awake he was then given more shocks and he was able to keep his legs levitating for about 5 minutes.

As a result of the tests the doctors deemed the test results “very convincing” in proving to Blaine’s mental health that his legs could be levitated.

What can the general public do?

There are two ways to help the children affected by this very rare condition – either contact a local charity or you can donate to either the World Mental Health Foundation or the National Multiple Sclerosis Society (NMS).

Reel Magic Episode 29 (Losander) | Magic card tricks ...
Kobe Bryant was recently reported to feel “deflated” at the end of the season, but some have dismissed the quote as mere hype and a general feeling that the Lakers star was ready to slow down the pace of his career. What Bryant actually said in the interview, however, is very telling: As Bryant explained it, his game had slowed down somewhat over the past few years. He described the lack of consistent jump shots and shots near the basket as factors that had kept him from being a top-five shooter the last few seasons.

But when asked about his overall shooting performance, Bryant responded with some words of encouragement:

“I think that’s true,” Bryant said. “I think I can still play at the level that I did at the end of last year and at the start of this year. I mean I still try to play the right way, I’m still trying to get better and I still go out there and do my part.” “When I was out there,” he continued, “I just shot it like when I was shooting before I retired.”

In the above video, Bryant tells the story of one fateful night when he was playing through a sprained knee. Bryant had put up 23 points and four assists in only nine minutes of action, but a shot he didn’t make from the corner missed and ended up giving

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