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Why do I want to levitate?
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I have never levitated nor can I ever levitate. I was brought up to believe that if you want to be powerful then you can only be powerful when you get excited about it.

What is the secret handshake?

What is the secret handshake? I believe the secret handshake is one of those things we do in order to impress one another. This is when you meet someone and you give them your hand and they give their hand back.

They say that’s a secret handshake but I don’t believe it. I think that our secret handshake is one that when it’s over comes to us. It’s one that we have learned to do it so that we will keep it over from the day we meet to the month and so on.

I have a secret handshake from the first day I hung out in the club. Why do I have that?

You never know where you’ll get it. Sometimes an old friend comes in the club, and you never even know they’ll give you that hand. Sometimes you have an old classmate. Sometimes it’s someone’s wife. And all these things happen with people who are good friends.

BARRIE, Texas — A man with a gun pulled a gun on a woman before fatally shooting her on Thursday night, officials said.

The man and woman both called 911 to notify deputies after hearing a noise around 8 p.m., according to The Houston Chronicle. In the 911 recording, the woman can be heard saying “I’m shot in the arm.” Responding officers found the woman on the driver’s side seat of her vehicle, laying in a pool of blood.

The Texas Rangers said the two women were in a car in the parking lot of a bar in Barrie, Texas when the man in the dark blue Toyota pulled up in his vehicle.

The driver drove the two vehicles in reverse, striking the woman, as well as leaving behind blood all over the car floor, the newspaper reported.

Deputies then found the driver with a gun pointed at one of the women. At some point, the man grabbed a handgun and shot the woman, authorities said.

Authorities took the man into custody on Thursday night at his home in Barrie, according to the newspaper.

“It’s horrible because we have a lot of people with disabilities that are victims of sexual assaults that get shot during these types of situations,” said Lt. David Doming

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