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Blaine levitated thanks to a simple, yet powerful, phenomenon: the ability to perceive an energy field. Blaine’s father taught him to levitate the same day he was born.

Blaine has been given a series of special powers by the “Cure,” an unknown power granted to him by the power of his father. Blaine is able to see a large, swirling energy field with a field of light around it. He is able to control this field and move his body on the outside through it. The power does not appear to last until the age of 40, however. Some say it is merely the power of intuition and time. Blaine has always believed in the “Cure,” despite his father’s disapproval.

He can control the size of his body. He can walk on air easily. He can fly at high speeds by holding his breath and using his “lightning-fist” to spin. The “lightning fist” is a special attack in the show. Blaine’s “lightning fist” strikes at a target, causing an electricity-like explosion. When he uses this attack, he must use both hands to balance. Blaine also appears to be good with computers by using the “computer” in his father’s lab.

Can he fly?

Blaine has an incredible ability to manipulate air. In “The Doctor,” Blaine was able to defy the laws of physics by levitating himself on the ground using air currents. He was able to fly high enough with enough air currents to fly through Earth’s atmosphere and back. There was also a scene where Blaine floated through midair for a few seconds with little or no

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is also able to manipulate and control the wind. This has been proven in “The Doctors.” In this episode, Blaine is able to push the Earth back with a single gust of wind. This also seems to be an effect that can be used continuously. Blaine uses and shows his wind manipulation abilities constantly as he travels across space and time.

Blaine has mastered levitation. He has been able to fly in a single breath and even when at his very limit. In “The Tardis,” the Doctor showed how Blaine was able to stay on the planet Earth indefinitely. He is apparently capable of remaining suspended in space for a long amount of time. In the episode “Fashion,” the Doctor tried to take out Blaine’s wings, but he blocked and knocked the T

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