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When the issuer wants to collect on the customer’s coin, it is necessary to provide the customer with a coin wrapper. They offer these options to all the coin users, both the users of their CoinWallet service and those on their CoinLab service, as well as to those wanting a better deal for the coin they are trading.

Q. How much do coins sell for and what are the different levels of reselling?


At present, the coins currently available to resell are:

Q. Can you list them at the lowest price of 0.0022 Bitcoin, which is only a small fraction of their original price? I think all the coins that I have purchased were at high prices when they hit the market.


It is a personal opinion of yours, but it can be difficult to know what price to set. When a coin comes to market for a small amount it is sometimes not easy to sell at low prices. So if you are selling coins for such a small amount, it is better to wait for the market to clear.

Q. I have two accounts I use in the CoinLab client, one for the coin I like, and another for my other account. Can CoinLab make their Coins available for everyone?


One of the advantages CoinLab offers is that they use public and secured servers. All transactions made on a CoinLab server are protected by our blockchain infrastructure. Therefore, the clients of CoinLab do not need to accept individual requests from other CoinLab users. You could say that it is a way of making Coins available to users for free.

Q. How does my client get my coin?


When users want to acquire coins they only need to use these methods:

1. When you sign in on your CoinHub client, and then select the coin they wish to buy from the list, your CoinHub client will download the corresponding binary file for the coin, which, unfortunately, is not available on the CoinLab website.

2. Users can send coins by sending an email to their address. If the user does not have an email account, and they have sent Bitcoins already, the user may send it again, without ever clicking an email. It usually takes 10 minutes for a user to receive the coins.

CoinLab has an official web store.

We are in no position to discuss these matters in any detail,

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