Can you sharpen bendy pencils?

I’ve tried it, I got rid of them!

The best way to sharpen pencils is to sand the edges and then apply a little oil. This is the process I’ve used to sharpen my pencils. However, you should use a clean, dry cloth. It’s ok to brush the edges with your palm (if needed).

You should also use a slightly coarse sandpaper to sand down any rough corners on the sharpened pencil.

Using a fine cloth, dab a small amount of sandpaper along all the edges of the pencil and let the oil dry for a minute. This will help to remove any sharp edges.

Now, take your very sharp sandpaper, and set your pencils. Allow them to dry completely in between takes. They will need to be buffed back up with your clean, dry brush to smooth out any roughness.

You can also use a cloth to do this, but it is also not as nice.

Now you have a nice fine pencil, that will give you many great ideas for drawing!

Now I want to show you how to make the ‘C’ shapes on paper.

It all starts with a piece of paper – the first thing you will do is ‘plane’ your drawing by smoothing the edges to create those lines.

Once you’ve created your ‘C’, you must use a pair of scissors to cut it right at the centre, and create the rest of the ‘C’. This would be the same shape as the ‘C’ but from the bottom up, so that the line starts at the top.

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Once you’ve cut your ‘C’ in this pattern, you can use a second pencil to draw another ‘C’ curve down the centre line. This will be the “C’ in your drawing, and will be similar to the ‘C’. Be sure to cut a good length of length – if you cut too short, it will be very stiff and won’t be able to bend.

Next, bring the two sharpened pencils, together, and apply a little pressure along the sides. This will cause the pencils to ‘bend’ into the paper!

You will then have a nice curved shape that would be suitable for printing or creating patterns.

If you find this method of sharpening pencils too messy or difficult, you may find it easier to sharpen some metal pencils. You can find them just by searching for “