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Yes and no. If you’re an average person, you can lift someone with just four magnets. But if you’re one of the many powerful magicians in the world, you can raise a person by hundreds of pounds. With only two magnets, there is no way you can levitate a person, but with ten magnets, you can lift the person up.

Here are a few of my favorite magicians who can do levitation techniques:

David Lee Roth – magician and author

David Lee Roth can do the levitation that we’ve seen in the movie The Prestige. He levitates an entire room using magnets. He’s done it thousands of times and has become a master of levitation. In his video levitation video, you can imagine David Lee Roth sitting down. He places five magnets in his lap. When the magnets are in their best position, five huge blocks of wood are raised onto his lap, the floor will be covered with blocks like a giant, colorful Christmas tree, his hands will be at 90 degrees to his body, he’ll do several flips and rolls of his top and his head above the blocks in his lap. There is a video with him doing levitation in his book, Practical Levitation.

Kevin Winter and Benji Wilson – master magicians, magicians

Kevin and Benji are amazing magicians. Kevin Winter and Benji are masters in levitation and are able to levitate large numbers of people with minimal tools. I have never seen anyone fly so gracefully, and move so quickly around the room with so much ease without any tools, and I’ve seen so many people perform the levitations myself.

There are also many more magicians who can levitate for more than a person and are great YouTube videos of people performing these techniques. And don’t miss these video magicians that just can’t seem to find a good way to levitate a person…

Here’s another YouTube video of three magicians levitating on ice cubes… and they can use three different techniques! Here is another YouTube video of an audience levitating on an entire floor of a ballroom… these three magicians used lots of different tricks and techniques and are amazing.

Here’s another YouTube video using magnets and magnets that is an example of how to do levitation using magnet levitation

Easy Magic Trick For Kids - Coin Trick - YouTube
So, how do you levitate someone without the use of any tools? Here are a few of them. Note, some of these are not magicians

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