Can you bend spoons with your mind?

Can you bend the earth with your mind? Are you able to lift rocks and use them as a weapon? Can you fly?

This is your reality.

What we can’t control is the mind. Your thoughts and feelings that drive you are what can control your body and behavior.

For example, you choose to eat pizza. You’re choosing to eat pizza, but don’t expect to have the kind of pizza you’ll eat because you’re trying to avoid a bad feeling. The pizza on the table can get you in deep shit if you eat the whole pizza.

But can you choose to eat pizza instead of some other type of pizza?

Can you choose to eat all the pizza you’d ever want?

Can you choose to skip breakfast and eat the pizza you like (and keep going to work/school) anyway?

Can you choose to choose how you spend your lunch breaks?

It’s all in your mind.

You can’t do this through body or mind or any of that shit.

What are you afraid of?

Fear of doing something stupid because you know you won’t enjoy it.

Fear of not being able to do something you enjoy for a period of time.

Fear of living an unhealthy and unhealthy and unhealthy lifestyle because of thoughts and beliefs you have.

Fear of making a commitment because a choice you make might have unforeseen consequences and consequences you don’t understand yet.

What are you excited about?
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Excitement about the new idea that you can create, that you’re able to make a living doing.

Excitement about the new adventure you’re now feeling.

Excitement about that beautiful future you will grow into.

Excitement about a life you want to live.

Excitement about your next experience.

As many people think, what’s the point if you don’t feel fulfilled or happy?

That’s false. What’s important is to feel as well as create.

If you’re feeling frustrated or unhappy with the progress of your business, you’re able to take action against the frustration, and make decisions to be as happy as possible. And if I were you, that’s what I want to do for me. I need to be able to act in a way that feels good and that makes me happy. But that feeling is different than satisfaction. What is happiness?

What is fulfilling?

What is satisfying is