Can you bend spoons with your mind? – Magic Tricks Revealed Kids

Well, no, you couldn’t possibly bend a spoon, the world’s strongest tool, at all. The reason spoons are such a massive, useless invention is because of a series of “mistakes”.

The first and most obvious mistake is that people did not know. They didn’t know what an axe was. They didn’t know that a whip was needed to control an animal, but only found out in the 18th century when a new species of whip was introduced into Europe. The result was the axe and the whip, but a spoon. The idea that a spoon could turn the tables on the stick of God is a myth and it is also a very, very powerful one that has been used by humans for millennia before that. Even earlier humans (and animals) have used the power of the spoon to manipulate other, perhaps even more dangerous objects and it was used by many people of all classes and sizes.

Now, the second mistake is that you can’t turn spoons. Yes, the spoon can be turned around, but you won’t have the weight difference to push it around. The other common mistake is that you do want to be able to move the spoon – but not to move the spoons themselves. In order to bend a spoon with it’s spindle, you are going to have to bend the spoon more, or perhaps not at all. (You might be thinking of this, “How am I going to get a good angle on that spoon? How am I going to get the spoon to actually turn and spin around the spindle?” That is what “Pinching” is all about!) You can’t have the spoon “pinching” on itself, you just can’t. It’s a silly analogy, of course, and we can only think of how to move things around.

Now, the third mistake is your lack of experience with spoons. You don’t have a strong understanding of how spoons turn the tables, you don’t have an instinct that you can push the spoon in a certain direction (or in another, or even to the left) with your bare hands. You definitely don’t think of the spoon turning over in some way that you might have trouble doing – like you wouldn’t be able to get it to turn 180 degrees. The spoon, you just turn.

So, when you come upon a spoon, just give yourself permission to let it go. You can still bend it, as hard and fast as you can

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