Can you bend spoons with your mind? – Magic Tricks For Kids Age 10-12

Do you have a problem with your partner? Do you feel insecure?

Is a little bit of sex with your spouse on a regular basis what you like or something that you need to work on?

Do you feel insecure in a long term relationship, with an ex?

Are you having a lot of sex with a partner who has sex with different partners?

I am talking about anything you think needs better or more help.

If a man has a lot of sex, he should feel like the man and not the woman.

If he has sex only with one woman, he won’t be strong with his masculinity.

If women can’t get or won’t have sex with men, they don’t have the man, they don’t need him.

If a woman doesn’t have sex with an aggressive man, she’s going to be the same aggressive person again and again.

If women can’t be aggressive, they can’t be good husbands or fathers.

If a woman won’t have sex with an abusive man as a way of keeping him from raping others, she’ll find no more good husbands or good fathers.

If a woman will not have the power of choice in sex, she can’t be sexual.

You’ll need your husband to be present for the whole of the sex experience.

You’ll need your husband to be around for the whole of the sex experience.

You’ll need to show your husband what is in his mind, what will feel good.

You’ll need to explain to him what is happening and he needs to understand it.

You’ll need to make him see how he is affecting your partner.

You will need to make your husband see that when you have sex you are having fun and that you have lots of energy.

You need to make your husband see how you are having sex and you are enjoying it.

You will need to explain what your partner is feeling, so he understands you when he’s angry or upset.

You need to explain to him how your partner feels and that you have thoughts of him on your mind.

You have to be present for each part of it.

You are in charge of your sexuality.

When you have sex, you are going to do well or get better.

Your partner is going to give you energy.

Your partner will have your energy.

Your partner

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