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How does someone else’s mind know what to move? This is the question we face in the new book, The Mind of the Move: Why we don’t move our fingers and what we can learn from studying the brains of our ancestors, like the way they moved their hands or the way they can move the body.

Fancy a cup of tea? The UK is set to introduce a new legal smoking ban.

The legislation, which is expected to come into effect in early 2017, will ban smoking among the country’s over-18s as well as those under the age of 18. Any place where smoking is permitted will be treated as a smoking-free zone, or ‘smoke-free zone’.

The ban is expected to affect those living in Britain’s cities. It affects the entire country, not only in London, the capital, although it will be enforced in the capital too.

Public smoke-free zones will have to be installed where there are over 60 premises and smokers won’t be able to smoke inside places with seating and facilities. This could be in bars, supermarkets, pubs, clubs and hotels which have facilities for smoking.

Smoke-free zones were first added to UK law in 2011 by Public Health England (PHE), and are intended to cut the number of children becoming lung cancer or other lung disease.

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PHE has described the proposed smoking bans as “a smart public health approach”. PHE also said smoke-free zones have reduced the number of people smoking in England in general by 18% in 2016/17.

However, the government said that there will be a “greater emphasis” and “larger resources” devoted to smoking reduction efforts and that it may not be a perfect solution.

Philip Davies, the Conservative MP who is leading the health committee, said that the move would be “a blow to any smoker in our cities because, as we know, the only way to stop smoking is to stop it altogether.”

The Ministry of Justice is expected to sign off on the proposal in the second week of the new Parliament after parliament was dissolved last week and the House of Lords voted against legalising any more restrictions.

Mr Davies said that the government would have to “think very carefully” about the impact of the legislation.

“When is it not necessary to restrict someone’s mobility to be able to protect themselves? When is it not necessary to restrict someone from travelling?” he said.

“What about those

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