Can a teller speak? – Smarter Living Podcast

A.A.: A teller is an expert in the teller-client relationship, the role of the banks, and the role of the broker. She may also be a specialist in another area that the average teller is not aware of.

The New Yorker’s Jeffrey Weingarten writes today of the “horror of the election” that we’re living through:

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…we don’t yet know who will win the election but we know the winner has been chosen. We now know he or she, in the words of the New York Times, “is Donald J. Trump. Donald J. Trump wins. Donald J. Trump is president.” … Trump won because he is Donald J. Trump. No one has done quite this as well as he has done over the past year. It is Donald J. Trump who has become the dominant figure in our nation. The Trump phenomenon is the result of a combination of demographic, cultural, and economic forces: the rise in ethnic, racial, religious, and socioeconomic diversity; the erosion of white supremacy; the rejection of liberal internationalism. Donald Trump is no longer an underdog; he is a runaway candidate. I was born, raised, worked in Brooklyn from the age of 8 to 21. I lived in various buildings, from public schools to apartment buildings and in some cases a small house, which was my home for many years. I’ve been involved with politics on both sides of a political spectrum, since I attended high school, and I can tell you without the slightest hesitation that, over most of the past decade, Donald J. Trump has represented the majority of the vote, when it has mattered. The difference between an unpopular president and a popular one does not come from any sort of structural or organizational advantage but simply from the personality of the victor. The difference, as we saw today, was that Donald J. Trump was not an unknown candidate; he was an unknown reality. On this occasion, there was no question of what he could do, of what he couldn’t do. … [R]emember what happened to Hillary Clinton after she was seen, with some justification, as too frail to be president. She knew that when she said that she wouldn’t take it, but she’d never quite said it; she could think of nothing else she might say that would win votes. When it came time to take the oath of office, she seemed very unsure about herself and her qualifications. When she stood in front of the nation to become the first woman

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