Are Illusions Magic?

“There are a lot of illusions. I’ve been living alone for some time now and I just haven’t found my calling. I had friends, but nothing like that really feels like a meaningful life.”

If she had her way, she could have stayed with them forever. She even felt sorry for their mother, who was never supposed to see their father in their world. She hadn’t even been told about it.

But as far as she knew, her mother was the princess, while her father was a high-ranking knight, though not a knight who had ever gotten himself killed. She had to see if it was possible for him to do good with her now.

She wanted to be of use to others, not just that one day in the future.

“I’d be able to protect the princess if I were to leave her alone for a while again.”

“You’d be the type who would think that way for her happiness?”

“I never had any intentions of being of any use to anyone but the princess in the first place.”

“…What’s wrong with someone like that? It’s not like they did anything wrong, so why do you have to look down on them?”

Her father was kind even when he wasn’t feeling well. It made her feel like the other girls would be worse off if she left them all to die on earth. Still, a high-ranking knight never would use his status to kill, right? That meant she neededn’t worry so much about being punished, and she neededn’t ask her father any questions.

“My father has no more secrets for me.”

After that, she began her search for answers about him. They were two people that lived separately; it would be unfair for her to leave him and become a queen without seeing him. She had no idea though whether or not they made up, or if they were just different in some way. It didn’t matter to her.

What was important to her was to figure out his intentions first. Even if she could find him, she still would never be able to get him to reveal them to her.


She closed her eyes. A chill went up her spine and the hairs on her neck began to stand up. She heard a voice inside of her head.

“She was so cute when she was a child.”

She never knew when she would hear that voice.