Why do infielders throw sidearm? – How Do Ventriloquists Say P

A: Probably not a good idea.

Q: How come he’s so fast? Why can’t he pick up other pitches?

A: He’s not a great fielder at all. He’s pretty much just fast and can’t make up his mind what he’s going to do with the bat. He is probably too bad to be the best all-around shortstop in the league. I just know how bad he can play.

Q: How do you know you’re getting that kind of contact?

A: I would guess if you saw the way he batted last year, you’d be pretty sure.

Q: Is he going to be able to keep up with Trout if he keeps getting on base?

A: For sure. I wouldn’t say he gets on base on a consistent basis, but if he keeps hitting like that, I don’t think people would think he was that fast.

Q: Why don’t the Rays have any speed at all? They just can’t do anything?

A: It’s not like they can’t. It’s just like a big part of the game. If you want to beat somebody they have to hit you. You can’t put a little kid on that team and just leave him alone. You have to take him out of there.

Q: You always say you don’t care who you take out of there.

A: That’s right.

Q: I was wondering why you never want to do any research, because there are so many stats, and when you come across something, it’s like, “I know.” I’m not asking the questions I’m asking because you know everything about it.

A: I’ll tell you what I know. The first six years of my career I was a very poor hitter. I was hitting .182 every year. I played defense, hit balls pretty well. I would just be a guy who would hit a baseball. That was my game. I don’t care about any other statistics because I can’t hit anymore. All I need to do is go out there and show me I can. All I needed to do was play one whole season, that’s what I did. This season I’ve played the best I’ve ever played. I’m playing like I played last year. I’ve gotten so much better. I’m trying to make better contact. I’m taking a lot of the easy hits. I’m getting on

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