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I can’t tell” – “I’m going to give them both my left and right hand” [sic] – which I then did. They were a little more shocked than frightened at what had come out of my mouth. I’m not saying in the last six months that I got it right or wrong, but I was just doing what I thought was the most natural thing to do.

What is the difference in your personal style and practice from that of the other male ventriloquist? Not much, but as far as my work is concerned, the difference has been a matter of style and not practice. And the way people have been treated because I have done things and that I will continue to do, and the way I have done it, has led to me feeling more uncomfortable and not as comfortable as I would like to have feeling. And they are very serious in what they are doing and they don’t see what I see as human. I understand that.

Some of the things that you’ve described – whether it’s what happened that afternoon or one of the last days (June 17th) that you were there (with her and the kids) – I haven’t heard a lot of reports about that at all. Do you think people have been more protective or have you heard less from a lot of people who’ve been there? Absolutely, and there’s a little bit of it. And it’s because they see me as more of a threat than other guys. And they can see, I’m the guy. I’ve got a gun, a knife, a hatchet, and I’m not going anywhere.

The only way I have been treated in this country is on television as though being a threat is the same as being a criminal or going to jail. It’s different from what happens when a police officer stops, or a military officer stops or a private citizen stops somebody in their home. It’s different from the way I have been treated when I come home and the police have not come to my house. Not at all. I’ve never been treated with respect.

How do you feel about people who have been affected by your work being afraid that they can’t protect themselves from the type of thing that you would have gone through? It’s a dangerous world out there. We’ve become much more afraid of our lives [than] we were in the 1950s. I don’t think I’m the only person I know that’s not afraid when I walk around town, like I

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