Who is the best ventriloquist in the world?

I’m going to say, “I’m not going to say.” Not a good enough answer. It’s more fun to say, “Do I think that it is possible for me to do this? Would I be able to do this? Would the audience be able to get this?” I think that if we were asked that question, then I think it would be a better answer. That is what this show does on a pretty consistent level. You are never quite sure how it all works out. Some of the people who do it the best are people who are not really known as ventriloquists or as professional ventriloquists. It’s just a really fun experience for them. I think that it’s just a fun show. There are, obviously, other people doing it with their own voice. But they are all making it with a voice that they are known for and their own unique blend of style and the way they convey it. And I think that it’s just really fun to watch them. So, with us I think that a lot of the questions people are asking are based on what you were making up about how people can work it all out.

It seems that there was a little bit of confusion about where you came from with your voice.


Yeah, and I understand the confusion for sure. I’ve got to say that people who have written to us say that they have been wondering about your voice and how you were doing it. Some of the actors have written in and said, “My name is John C. Reilly. My friend, who is a friend of yours, said to me, ‘I’m going to send you a tape of mine.’ That tape is your voice. It sounds like it came straight out of somebody’s mouth and not your voice in some way. Why did you choose that sound for yourself and not somebody else’s voice?” And we have had people writing in and say, “You know, John was a singer, he sang in a band. He was singing at restaurants. He sang for Broadway productions. And he became the voice behind the character he played, so he knows his voice from Broadway and knows how to do it. He came up with this idea for himself, so it’s his voice for a short bit in the show, and we’ve used it since then. He was very good about that and we loved his pitch, which was that he never went to the show and thought he’d become the voice. He became the