Who is the best ventriloquist in the world? – Maher Ventriloquist Course

This is my list…

Giant – The most entertaining and engaging. He speaks like a clown and is more than willing to entertain for you.

The Big Daddy – With his enormous size, size and aggression, he is a very popular performer. I have been in many different shows held from 10pm until 6am. He is a big time performer and usually has a special for guests.

Big Daddy’s Big Show – The biggest and heaviest of all. He is not just big but he gets bigger with each show. He is a big personality and has been a regular for most of his shows.

Ace – He was created for the ventriloquists to perform. His name is not a joke. He is always in costume. He has a good attitude, good jokes, and does a great job.

Big Daddy the Clown – He is great. He is one of the big guys.

The Pimp – He can be very difficult to work with. He is very active and likes to get off on the crowd. He is very fun to work with.

Bobby Bones – Always in costume and never afraid to entertain. He says that the trick to being successful at ventriloquism is to be a little bit naughty…that way he can get the job done.

Mr. Boo – Very loud, often in costume. A great performer in most shows.

The Mad Hatter – I’ve had some great ventriloquists, but the Mad Hatter is the one I would go to the most for ventriloquism. He is very loud, always in costume and very entertaining. A great performer. He does a good show and is a great ventriloquist.

Rabbit Hole – He is just a very special person for ventriloquism. Very much a fun person to be around and always in costume. He does a very good show. He is not afraid to take on the audience.

The Prince – This character comes from the TV show. This man is quite possibly one of the strangest people I have ever seen on stage. He comes in all different costumes so it is hard to pick a favorite. I wish I could remember his name.

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Big Baby – He came on the show and I thought it would be funny if he came out of one of his costumes. He doesn’t talk to his audience that much, but he does come out to laugh when

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