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Terry Fator’s salary is listed in 2013 dollars. He is a former football player/broadcaster who was a coach at Arizona State who is the director of player development at USM. Fator has no administrative experience during his eight years at ASU as head coach, which is a testament to his skills as a football coach. His salary is a bit puzzling. He has never had a contract for any other job within the football program. That is not unusual in the world of coaching. It also suggests that he works on a different level to his current players, something that has caused some to question the team’s decision-making process.

USM Athletics


If you listen to what the Fator’s players say, you don’t get any hint that he is anything more than a “backup coach.” When he returns to Arizona State, he will be in a leadership position, and that is something he has not done. Instead, the role of “backup coach” has often been played by Jim Tressel, a coach who has coached under Nick Aliotti, Charlie Strong, and, most recently, Frank Solich. But Fator cannot be considered that sort of coach. It is impossible to think of a coach more out of his time and place in the sport. He knows that too. He also wants to see how things go with the team before making any drastic changes. He does this more and more after taking over at ASU.

USM coaches and staff members

At the beginning of the year, this job will be filled by six former USM players, coaches, and staff members. This also doesn’t give Fator time to learn about the program. He will have to fill a roster immediately because this decision is being made in the next few days.

USM staff and players

Coach Fator has recruited this guy as well as any coach in the country. He has helped the Wildcats out tremendously. I don’t understand the motivation of having to replace the current roster by a former player.

What do other people think?

USM players and staff are now speaking out. Many players took to social media to voice their support for Fator. Here are just a few of the tweets:

– “Terry Fator needs to grow up and realize that he coached this team and did a great job. He played a key role in getting us to this position in the Pac-12. It should be the first step

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