What is a ventriloquist dummy called?

A ventriloquist dummy (also known as a dummy or dummy-diver) is a dummy that is designed to simulate an actual human vocal performance. They may be used to test the ability of a human voice to imitate another, with some ventriloquist dummies being more difficult to mimic than others. For example, there are various different versions of the dummy, and the different versions sound different to humans. For example, the “hallelujah” ventriloquist dummy has been compared to the high pitched “hallelujah” voiced by Charles Schulz. The “hallelujah” version of the dummy features the same pitch as Charles Schulz’s “hallelujah” voice.

How can you buy one?

You can purchase the ventriloquist dummy from a ventriloquist or voice teacher. It can vary in size and price. You may also be able to find a few in local shops, or online, such as To learn more about the types of ventriloquists a human has simulated, click here.

Do I have to wear a ventriloquist dummy to speak?

No. Many adult voice auditions are conducted without a dummy. However, some voice auditions have been conducted with a dummy. The purpose of this is for a voice teacher to check that the child is a proficient voice when they are being judged for the role. In some cases a dummy can allow children to perform the spoken part without the aid of a real mouth and vocal cords. Some parents prefer the convenience of having a dummy with them as a visual aid for judging their children’s performance.

Who are my options for my ventriloquist dummy?

If your school has one then it is a good idea to try and schedule an audition with one of their voice teachers. It will provide you with an opportunity to test the child’s ability to simulate a human voice. A student can also learn how to recreate the sounds of a dummy from a variety of different brands.

If your school does not have one then you may be able to get a ventriloquist dummy from a voice or music store. Many of these stores offer free shipping and returns so you can try them out. Also, most salespeople will happily provide you with a dummy when you have asked about their voice teacher’s products.

There are various types of vocal and vocal imitation machines to choose