What is a Transviliquist?

A transviliqh is a legal practitioner who has a valid licence (permit) from either the government or the province, that is registered by their name at the Transhumance System.

They generally use an “A” licence as one of the requirements to practice medicine, for example in the province of Quebec under their “C” licence.
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For more information on a transviliqh or to find the nearest A or C transvestite clinic click here:


As for transvestites they can be found anywhere in Canada, but are most common in Montreal. Montreal is a rather cosmopolitan city for those born here, there is a strong French influence which leads to these people being attracted to the country.

They can be classified as:

Les transvestits, a term coined by the French poet Claude-Joseph-Couture the first person who came from the region known as “East Paris,” which was known locally as “Saint-Antoine”.

Transvestites in Montreal, if you know your history you may know that transvestite is derived from the French slang term transvestée meaning “young lover.”

This term has become synonymous with the entire group, so it’s no surprise that anyone can be a transvestite in Montreal but for some of those on the top tier it’s probably a good idea to have someone with them to protect them and to tell them it’s OK to be gay and queer.

But this doesn’t mean that just anyone as an “A” license is all right with all gay guys, it’s important to remember that people of all genders and sexualities in this city, especially at the upper levels, can choose to be trans, bisexual, queer, intersex or other.

Queers Of Montreal are all sorts of queer people and even though the LGBT community is the most welcoming in Canada, it can still be quite easy to be mistaken for a transvestite, as a lot of transvestites use French as their primary language and are quite open-minded about whether or not they are trans themselves. It’s also not uncommon to read on the streets on a regular basis or at a bar that people are reading a book about the gay lifestyle.

So if you choose to be a transvestite or a sex worker or a femme, this can pose a problem, because being identified as someone who is a sex worker can get you arrested, and with a