What is a Transviliquist? – How To Learn Ventriloquism Dummies Meaning

A transviliquist is a type of expert in firearms safety, who specializes in long arm (LAW ENFORCEMENT) and short arm (CUSTOM FIREARMS) safety and training.

A transviliquist is familiar with the most current terminology and the legal and regulatory definitions of guns and gunsmanship. As a transviliquist, he or she learns how to safely employ and train and interpret firearms safely.

Learn to properly shoot your firearms.

Transviliquists are experienced, and can perform any kind of training on a range of firearms, including AR15’s, and other tactical/intimate firearms.

A transviliquist is knowledgeable about the basics of firearms. With training and time, the transviliquist can improve his/her own firearms skills and help to develop new skills through teaching and practicing the basics so a firearm can be trained to do a particular action or function, for example, safe shooting with a pistol or shotgun.

Find A Transviliquist

Who Can Apply To Become A Transviliquist?

Any person with the following abilities:

An understanding of firearms

Strong understanding of the fundamentals of safety, training and operation of firearms

Self-control in firing, reloading, and handling the use of firearms
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Expert knowledge, experience and competence in use of firearms and/or training.

Must demonstrate to an approved safety examiner his/her ability to safely operate a firearm in his/her own hands.

A student, a certified firearms instructor or someone with the knowledge, experience and competence to operate a weapon, who has demonstrated the ability to safely and competently train others in the use of firearms has been approved by the instructor at a school which offers firearms training.

The applicant must provide the applicant’s name, the name and address of the school or facilities where the applicant teaches, and proof of registration for the licensee or license to carry a firearm.

Transportation of the applicant along with a certificate from an approved safety examiner must be accompanied with the application.

What Is The Education Required To Become A Transviliquist?

An instructor must have either a bachelor’s degree or higher degree in an applicable subject and have at least three years prior firearm training. In addition, the school must be approved by the appropriate local board of education or county safety board of the State of Tennessee.

The applicant must demonstrate an ability to teach firearms

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