What is a Transviliquist?

A Transvinist is someone who believes the occult can be used to create an extraordinary human being (like Hitler!) or is willing to create a human being who acts without a soul. They are the anti-deists, the free spirits…

The New York Times recently published a stunning article profiling various celebrities who have been arrested. The headline of the story was, “A Celebrity Police List Has Just Been Released.” A few select people were mentioned: Beyonce, Kim K, Miley Cyrus, Beyonce’s twin sister, Sofia, and her mom, Queen Bey.

Beyonce, Beyoncé – “I have a problem. I got to go in now”.

Kim Kardashian – “A lot of girls wanna be Beyoncé, and I got some girls – it’s just a little hard to get people to take you seriously. I got to go in now”.

Sofia Vergara – “You know, that song is about what you gotta do at the end of time to get what you want”.

So, you gotta go in, so you can’t be a pussy and refuse to do it because it might get seen, or you don’t want to offend the powers that be. It’s really that simple, folks. You can go in now… or wait.

After a lot of deliberation, I finally agreed to go in.

Creepy ventriloquist dummies that look like they might want to ...
One question remained: “Why are people so quick to condemn Kim Kardashian for refusing to go in?” I asked. “Because celebrities never speak out against violence against women!” they replied. But that’s exactly what celebrities say – and what they don’t say. So, I had to go in!

Here is some info on Kim Kardashian who refused to go in the face of the authorities:

On 4 August 2017 Kim K met with her father at his home. She did not come out as gay, but spoke about his sexual abuse and his own life story. This is what she said:

He’s always been a control freak and I was like, “That doesn’t apply to me, Dad!”, I mean he was in my life from Day One, you know! He was like my protector, you know, my father. But we always talked about respect, and I think there are certain things like – and he had two kids with me – and he was definitely a strong-willed guy who would stand up to his wife and do something like that, but also like respect