What is a synonym for ventriloquist? – Learn Ventriloquism Dvds Releasing Next Month

A synonym for a ventriloquist was a character in an old “Duck Soup” cartoon, played by “Duck” Bob Hope.

What is a con artist?

A con artist, or con man, is someone who exploits weaknesses in other people. In the old days, con men would go out and convince the rich and famous why they should buy his stuff: that it would make them big and rich. That kind of person could make you rich, and would be rich right along with you — it would help you stay on the good side of the rich. Con men could talk to the President; they could make you rich. But most folks were just too stupid to even think they could do what they said.

Why did we need government?

Because people do stupid things. If we took good care of people, we could protect them from bad things, like bad weather, floods and other disasters.

What is a free market?

A free market is a marketplace of ideas, like the one our families had when we had a farm. The word “market,” like “free,” is a noun. It’s a word you don’t usually associate with government. But we have a free market, because the market forces that allow other people to get rich create the conditions in which you can succeed.

What makes a market successful?

First, you can’t get the prices up too high; you can’t allow people to do things they wouldn’t do in a closed system. The markets are free; competition is constant.

But second, you don’t get monopolies — that’s the evil of monopoly. No one monopoly can do good; everyone must compete for the best business. What people don’t want is for one company to monopolize one thing. They want the market and people’s free choices.

What does government do?

Government doesn’t monopolize any one thing; it does what’s best for the entire country and for the people who get it.


You get the government money and the market. People have to compete for it; you give them choice and competition. If you don’t, that money will never reach anybody.

And your choices would mean you’d just live your own life.

That’s right. You just live your own life. You don’t have to spend all your time going to the same things.

It costs you nothing to go

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