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A dummy doll is a doll that contains a doll’s face and body, and the legs of a doll are cut off and glued onto the doll’s face so that it appears to be alive. The eyes and mouth of the doll are also cut off, and the limbs of the doll are attached to the doll’s face in a pose that simulates someone holding a child.

Dummy dolls have been used by researchers in a variety of applications ranging from psychology to neurosurgery. In most cases, a real child’s skeleton and organs are used to recreate a person’s skeleton. In one famous example, American actor Fred Rogers created a puppet character and used it on-screen during his programs as a part of his promotion for the series Welcome Home, Mister Rogers. As one of his doctors stated at the time:

“It was a miracle the dummy took on a human aspect.”

Are dummy dummies being used in research for new treatments and treatments for disease?

Yes. In 2015, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved a new classification of dummies. The classification states that dummies are no longer considered a part of the definition of medical practice, and therefore new research will still be able to use them. As a consequence, research now needs to be submitted to another classification system, or it needs to use approved equipment and procedures. (In addition, the classification also requires the dummy in question be completely free from defects.)

Can a dummy’s hands be used?


Can a dummy’s head be used?


Can a dummy’s arms be used?

No, only parts of the skeleton are allowed.

Are dummy dummies being used as part of human experiments?

Yes, dummies have been used to monitor disease or study the impact of pharmaceuticals while scientists also use dummies to study human behavior.

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A 2010 study by researchers in the University of Minnesota found that a dummy dummy was most effective at detecting Parkinson’s disease, a neurological condition characterised by Parkinsonian movements of the hands. In that study, the researchers found that when the dummies interacted with the subjects, their behavior was closely mimicked by the subjects who were experiencing the disease, and symptoms did not manifest themselves.

Another study conducted by researchers in the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign utilized dummies to study the impact of chronic stress in the body. In that study, the

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