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This is a good question, and I’ll try to come up with an answer in the futureā€¦ the puppets may take up as much space as the characters they’re associated with. But here’s a list of the ones who have appeared on the show:

Jim Henson and Peter Sarsgaard appear as the Headless Hags who serve as the characters’ guardians. The rest of the puppets take part in the show and have dialogue, and they are often the target of the Headless Hags. The three Hags in particular are portrayed in an entirely different way by Jim Henson’s daughter, Ellen (who plays the Headless Hags’ daughter, Mary).

In this episode, we have a young child named Bob who comes to the Hags’ palace with his new sister, Lily (played by Sarsgaard). She’s a headless girl who comes with a doll, a new costume and some very distinctive features. The first two items are her head (she’s in a headless state for a short period of time) and the doll (she’s given a doll’s head, but it doesn’t seem to make sense).

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On the episode, Lily’s sister, Mary, also appears as a headless girl (her costume is even headless), but here she’s more clearly seen in Bob’s body. Mary speaks a little differently and is given a new costume.

A young boy named Tom is introduced as his father. He’s given a long black beard, a hat, and new clothes (a pair of goggles he wears on his head). This is a big change from the initial plan, which was to introduce Tom to the main group later on, without giving him other gear.

What did the Hags say to the little boy who came on the show?

This is an important question because if the Hags hadn’t been given this much room, they might not have said anything to the newcomer. Tom and the boy interact almost every day (even more than the older characters who have had much less interaction on the show). But did the Hags use this room to try and show people they weren’t evil puppets who were keeping kids in cages? I think this might be possible. Even after the initial plan was scrapped, they showed a young girl named Mary, with her new headless appearance, in the same spot as Tom and the boy. What if these people were just people who needed a way to live their lives? If

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