Is throwing your voice real? – Ventriloquist Famous

I think we’ve got a long way to go on that front. I know that sometimes when you just come out of a world of fantasy, you’re just kind of going, “That would be hard to get. I know how I would sound like. I know how my voice sounds now.” The idea was: “Well, I can’t pretend that I’m trying to sound like Chris. I can’t pretend that I want to be Chris. I can’t do that. Can I? I want to say what I really think? Am I a liar? If I’m trying to change the world, am I just playing at pretending?” We’ll see.


AVC: You’ve been working on a TV series called The Strain. What happened there?

A: We were just talking about it. The whole series was just coming out from HBO, and some of the characters were being developed by Bryan Fuller. He told me that he was going to move forward with the series and that he was going to be directing all of the episodes. My job was just to try to make the actors as real as possible. [Spoilers ahead!] They actually came over and filmed a scene for that first episode. That was crazy.

AVC: Are you working on any other TV shows?

A: I’m working on a new version of The X-Files. I’ve been writing and pitching episodes. I’ve been in the writers’ room with David Duchovny, Gillian Anderson, and Chris Carter, and I love it. I think they’ve got some awesome, weird comedy, which is exactly what I love to talk about. I’ve been working on a new version of The X-Files and just started work on a couple of new projects.


AVC: You’re a pretty big Star Trek fan, but what were you doing before Star Trek?

A: I just really loved Star Trek. A lot of people don’t know that. I’m an American and that’s what I was taught as a kid. I watched it obsessively up until I was six or seven, when I started reading the novels. I didn’t watch anything until I was 11. But I knew that was it. I wasn’t going to watch the movies or any TV or anything because I could’t imagine living in a universe where they didn’t have Star Trek. That was pretty much the only thing I watched.

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