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I’ll give you some practical examples…I know some people like to go to the gym at 9:00 AM and get up before 12:00 PM. The minute they make the mistake of going to the gym before 10:00 AM they lose the will power and power drive that comes from the fact they love lifting weights. There is no reason to sacrifice sleep, diet, food choices, etc. in order to go to the gym earlier than 9:00 AM or stay up later than 12:00 PM. That sort of mindset will hurt you at the gym, too, not to mention the fact that you’re also missing the power of motivation from getting the extra work in. In fact, in my experience, I’ve never seen anybody make it all the way to the end even when they know exactly how they want to eat or have the right amount of time to get to the gym. So, my advice is, stop thinking you’re the best possible for this, the first day. Stop worrying about what food you eat after lunch or the first food before your workout. That’s easy to get caught up in if you spend most of your time worrying about what you’re going to eat for dinner or what you’re going to eat for lunch this evening. It’s almost impossible to get out and do the things that make you happy, so stop worrying about it.

When in doubt, go to the gym.

I know this sounds like a clichĂ©. But honestly, I think that’s where every single gym goer ends up. Everyone does it. Whether they know it or not. It’s something that we are all subconsciously doing. I know that when we see that someone is going to the gym early for the first time or when we see someone that is actually a really good trainer, we really want to believe they are the best.

So, when in doubt, go to the gym. Go as early as you can (and usually early enough that you’ll get more mileage out of your sessions). Go to the gym as early as your body will let you, preferably at night when your heart rates are much lower (or you don’t want to make your partner worried about how much they weigh). Go as early as your body will let you.

I’d like to thank Jason for a fantastic article he wrote several years ago on why it’s important for the body to be in sync with its mind. You can read it at his site www.JasonRVallianto

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