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I’m not sure. I mean, the fact that you’re able to turn it over and still find “K-L-O” in the bottom? It just feels right.

M: Yeah. I mean, it’s all of these characters together at the same time and it kind of seems like a little piece of a bigger picture. It’s cool because it’s hard. I’ll get up every morning and be like, “I want to do this. I want to do this.” And then this will happen, and then it won’t. It’s the nature of making music. You’re always kind of like, “Man, I’ve got a long ways to go. This is not good.” And then you have the perfect moment and you just know, “This is gonna be sooooo good.” It’s never a bad time in the career.

S: Do you think about that? Because I know you did not like playing the same song in front of a bunch of people and I’m interested.

M: Yeah, I guess it’s kind of just, “I’m gonna do this better.”

S: That’s not really the point. It’s so interesting how people get so caught up in the music and how they know exactly exactly what it’s not and what it’s not and then suddenly it’s a lot easier to do exactly that because it’s so easy to be in a moment and do it.

M: It is hard to remember the moment. The moment is just like like my mind, and it’s like “Okay, now this is right here, and this is how it feels.”

S: In your band the only other person who would ever know what it’s really like is Steve, which is just weird.

M: Yeah, exactly.

S: Well, it’s not just the band. It’s the whole town. People just don’t really get it, because of who they are.

M: Yeah, and the biggest piece of that is Steve, and if you think about it, you’re right. It’s like the guy that makes the biggest song for you. The same thing goes for the guys in the band, and Steve was kind of like the guy who was going to be the main attraction of the show. But then the tour was so great and the last thing he wanted to be was to play behind the guy that was going to sell it. So I figured it out pretty quickly

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