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Puppets are made only by the puppeteer, who is usually a musician or theater-director.

How to do my puppet work?

It is very challenging and hard, but there’s nothing better that getting up in the evening and practicing until you’re exhausted.

Are there any special puppets?

There are many, and some are more expensive than others.

How do you make all these puppets?

There are many factors in this process. These factors are: the skill or knowledge of the puppeteer, the amount of time devoted to the preparation of each puppet, the size of the budget and so on. Some techniques used are:

The process:

When a puppet is ready, it gets on a set and is tested at a distance, which varies from one city to another. For the most part it is possible to do just this task, but it should never be done in a public location. Sometimes in the middle of the night you can take a camera and look around with the audience.

The performer:

This might be a musician, actor, teacher, assistant.

The choreographer:

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This usually involves a number of actors and people with special knowledge.

The puppeteer:

This might be a musician, actor, performer, or any other kind of person who has specific skills.

How do you set up an audience?

This depends a lot which kind of audience is interested in seeing your puppet work. There is an important difference between audiences for puppet shows and for shows for live performers. In puppet shows the audience is usually a small group of friends – which would be great for a show about puppets. But in a live show it’s a big group of guests you have to deal with. It’s like working with a movie crew – but without the rehearsal time.

For instance, you have to get prepared a week before the show start – which is usually one night. For such a big performance there’s also a lot of preparation in advance. The main challenge is to have your audience get up early and stay up late. This helps to keep the performers in good condition and allows the audience to stay together throughout the day.

How to make a puppet in your own time?

In the beginning only a few basic puppets can be made. At one time the artist’s idea would be one puppet and the puppet master would start with the

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