How much does a ventriloquist make a year? – Ventriloquist Voice

Let’s get a little more precise. A good ventriloquist will earn a few thousand dollars more per year than a good actor, but an actor will earn much more than a great ventriloquist since they actually have more work to do, on average.

This is a good comparison – the difference between these two salaries is so much greater than the difference between, say, a real estate broker (and other professional professionals are paid higher compared with their counterparts in an ad) and a ventriloquist (at the same level).

Now let’s get to the nuts & bolts.

There are some important variables to consider when trying to compare the two types of jobs.

First of all, both the actor and the ventriloquist are compensated by the stage company. They are not hired by the company, they are hired by the stage company.

Therefore, the costs of production are a higher part of the total compensation for the ventriloquist. This is true whether the company pays the performer or the ventriloquist.

Costs of Production

Actors are paid in $100 bills.

A ventriloquist is paid in $1 bills, so he has a cost of production equal to $5, or 1/4 of his pay. This is called the “Actual Cost of Production.” A good ventriloquist’s expenses are then divided into his actual time working and his cost of equipment (such as the dummy, his head and dummy head parts). This is called the “Output Cost of Production.” The “Output Cost of Production” is usually what you think of when you listen to someone say, “But I got paid a lot more than the actor, so I got to pay for all my equipment.”

This doesn’t mean that the cost of productions is $5 per hour or more. The cost of production may be more like $1 at the low end, or $1.25 at the high end. But let’s just say it’s $1.25. This is the difference between the actor and the ventriloquist.

So when a ventrilover earns $1.25 an hour (which he probably does), and the actor earns $1 per hour, we are paying them a combined cost of production and Output cost of production of $12.00 per hour. However, when the actor works in one night, the cost of the ventrilover’s work

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