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We have to go with the fact that this is the same book where he had a guy who he killed with the power of his mind who got away and it all came out and he ended up back in prison for that . . .

I had a man die when he was in the middle of writing a manuscript? I’m saying the guy should be punished. That’s the thing about him being in jail when he shouldn’t be there, right? That’s the thing that is wrong with that book and so are his motives. That’s a little bit of a double-edged sword. We saw that the next week. We can’t really know.

On the other hand, he said he would go into work for free after he was done with it. Maybe he’ll stay in his apartment so he won’t even pay the rent? I don’t know. There’s just no good reason for him to get into that situation. He doesn’t owe the company money. There’s nothing they can do to make him pay anything of that nature. If they do, they can fire him, and maybe not fire him but tell him to do better.

I had to go back and look at all of what’s in the book. I had to. I couldn’t not. Because all it was was a story and a series of stories. It wasn’t like a story that had been told to me before or even after. That’s all it was for me. And the whole thing was just for me, no more.

And I don’t think there was ever any reason to find out what really happened in that room and what really was going on.

[On when he would use his imagination] I’m not that clever. I’m no good with it. I’m not even that good with it. I have no idea how to use it. No way to use a power like that unless I’m a genius. I can see what I see, but I see nothing. I’m not that sort of writer. There’s a lot of stuff I’ve had to take away from certain books.

The problem with these people, all of them, is that they all have the same kind of problem–they have to find some other kind of answer that has no answer. The real issue is what does it matter? When you’re dealing with things that are so powerful, so far out of our world and in fact out of our comprehension, that can move us like the wind blowing

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